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  1. Short Messaging Service
  2. A method used to send and receive text messages between mobile phones.


In 1985, SMS was part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standards and was limited to 160 characters. Today, SMS is available on 3G and a wide range of other networks. Despite the rise of messaging on smartphones over applications that require a data connection, SMS remains the top data application used in the world that makes it an attractive avenue for mass text messaging that reaches out to customers.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry and Internet Association 3.5 billion text messages are sent a day. 97% of all SMS are read which makes SMS marketing an integral part of a business’ strategy. Using SMS marketing software, companies can reach out to and engage customers by providing them with value added services through mobile text marketing or bulk text messaging. The key challenge for businesses is not just ensuring the right communications mix, but selecting a solutions provider such as Message Systems that can integrate the email and SMS workflow processes to provide timely transactional alerts, business text messaging or new opportunities for engaging with customers.