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Email Marketing Best Practices

ee-mayl mar-ket-ing


  1. A set of guidelines ranging from the design and testing of emails used in marketing campaigns to the methods of acquiring and managing the names and email addresses of recipients.

Good marketers follow these email marketing best practices to ensure the best response from bulk email campaigns and avoid alienating recipients.

Opt-In Email Marketing & Permission Based Email Marketing
One of the primary methods of adhering to email marketing best practices is to use "opt-in email marketing" which is also called "permission based email marketing." This approach avoids the use of unsolicited email that often ends up in a recipient's trash folder.

Opt-in email marketing uses email list sign up forms on websites and other methods where customers or prospects voluntarily provide their email address and give a company permission to send emails. Permission based email marketing is a more effective and customer-friendly approach that adheres to email marketing best practices.