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Mobile Decisions Made Easier

Mobile Adoption Survey Reflects Enterprise Reactions and Results

This mobile thing isn’t getting any easier and consumers continue to adopt the platform at an accelerating rate. Are your mobile methods up to speed with consumer trends? Are you prepared for the headaches ahead?

We surveyed companies across a wide range of customer-focused industries to find out where they are with mobile now, what keeps them up at night, and the direction they are headed next.

Download the State of Mobile Adoption eBook and learn about:

  • Who is embracing mobile—and to what extent?
  • How timing and location are becoming key mobile tactics
  • Where there’s still room to increase relevancy
  • The critical concern that’s keeping marketers up at night

Mobile data as a percentage of total worldwide Internet traffic has reached 25%. The impact on the business-to-consumer experience is nothing short of drastic. You need all the insight you can get.

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