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Mobile: The Key to Your Email Strategy

How the smartphone and tablet are changing the equation

Many marketers believe that mobile messaging streams, such as push notifications and text messaging, will replace email as the prime communication channels for customer engagement.

Not so fast: Email is still the king of conversions.

With most emails today now being read on mobile devices, it’s clear that email is a key mobile channel. So why choose between the various messaging formats when you can combine both email and mobile messaging in targeted cross-channel campaigns?

Download the E-Guide today and learn about:

  • The conversion rates of different traffic sources
  • Market data that proves email’s ROI
  • The potential of mobile to enhance conversion rates

Email open rates on mobile platforms have grown by 300% in just one year. Now imagine that growth being mirrored across your campaigns! Get the best of both worlds when you integrate both email and mobile messaging in cross-channel campaigns.

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Mobile: The Key to Your Email Strategy

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