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The ultimate email infrastructure platform.

Featuring an advanced SMTP server for reliable email delivery, the Momentum platform is the most powerful email infrastructure software available today. It is the engine driving many of the world’s largest and most complex email messaging operations, Momentum Platform is the first choice among global social networks, email services providers, Internet services providers and large enterprises. Wherever highly complex, scalable, data-driven messaging capabilities are essential to the business, Momentum is there, providing unsurpassed sending speeds and high volume capabilities, outstanding reliability and industry-leading deliverability rates.


Designed for Marketplace Success

The Momentum Platform’s open, scalable framework allows you to easily integrate messaging capabilities with your business processes to build triggered email or text alerts into any of your customer-facing operations. Offering far greater performance and flexibility than conventional open-source MTA products, Momentum has all you need to quickly create and deploy messages that boost satisfaction, engagement, and revenue.

Message Transfer Agent:

Momentum's advanced SMTP service features the fastest, most flexible MTA on the market. Our advanced technology sends messages at lightning speed and extraordinarily high volumes, according to your precise instructions, ensuring reliable email delivery.

International Reach

Momentum is the first commercial MTA to provide SMTPUTF8 support, allowing emails to be sent to new, non-western addressed recipients using Unicode characters in mail header fields.

Intelligence Router:

Information is instantly transmitted to and from all data sources in your system, even in clustered environments, to keep everyone informed in real time.

Policy Manager:

The brain of the platform — and the central hub for integrating applications and data sources — lets you develop customized workflow rules to support your unique business processes.

Outbound Protocol Manager:

Supporting the latest SMTP authentication and accreditation techniques, Outbound Protocol Manager checks outgoing mail against spam URLs and flow control limits, ensuring maximum email deliverability.

Outbound Flow Controller:

Advanced queue management regulates mail flow intelligently based on receiving ISPs. Undelivered messages are automatically prioritized and resent, reducing operating and customer care costs.

Outbound Gateway:

Outbound Gateway controls the way messages are sent: mail is segregated according to your rules, with individual delivery parameters that adjust dynamically based on deliverability results.

Email Encryption:

Momentum includes enhanced support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. TLS encryption ensures compliance with industry standards and improved brand protection by securing emails during transport.

Supercharged Speeds

The fastest mail server software on the market today, our advanced SMTP server lets you send messages at lightning speed and extraordinarily high volumes. Momentum Platform leverages all available input/out (I/O), CPU and memory resources on today’s hardware systems that offer multiple cores, providing for extremely fast processing speeds and shorter message-sending times, with less hardware required.

Message Generation

Momentum Generation takes input from external sources and assembles a personalized message for each recipient, supporting both marketing and transactional use cases. Easily create multipart, multichannel and highly personalized digital messages that can be triggered through APIs from transactional systems, big data or other analytics systems. Messages can also be optimized for additional conversion goals, such as up-sells and cross-sells.

  • Build brand aligned messages, complete with key/value substitutions, conditional statements, loops and more
  • Easily create, update, manage and report on both in-line and stored templates
  • Create, list, update, preview or promote a draft template for publications with APIs

Deliverability Management

Adaptive Delivery® is an industry first — optimizing delivery and safeguarding your reputation by auto-tuning your outbound email delivery parameters in real-time. By allowing you to replace conventional, manual traffic-shaping approaches with highly intelligent, automated processes, Adaptive Delivery dramatically lowers the rate of bounces, blocks and other negative incidents, freeing up your email team members to address more important concerns.

  • Optimize email delivery and increase customer engagement by minimizing losses from latency
  • Safeguard and boost your reputation by pinpointing and resolving issues before they can spread
  • Improve deliverability management by empowering deliverability teams to perform more


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