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Manage email, mobile, integration and analytics — all on a single high-performance platform.
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Momentum is the world’s first proven, enterprise-class email infrastructure software. By centralizing all digital messaging channels on a single server or cluster, Momentum gives you the ability to do what no other enterprise email platform can: conduct context-aware conversations with customers across email, mobile, chat and push notifications. Message Systems customers choose Momentum because it provides value on so many levels:

Increased Email Deliverability

Send billions of messages a day at close to 100% email deliverability. Automated tools detect and address message delivery problems as they occur ensuring more effective email marketing for your business.

Reduced Messaging Infrastructure

Gain superior throughput and delivery speed with a streamlined messaging infrastructure. A single Momentum instance replaces 12 to 14 hardware servers running open source MTA software, conserving both manpower and resources.

High Availability

Enjoy ease of management with full clustering. Dynamic node failover guarantees business continuity by ensuring your mobile and email marketing system remains online in the event of a server crash.


Handle millions of email, marketing SMS and social messages per hour on each server. Enjoy the power, scalability and flexibility of a mobile and email marketing system that can help grow your business into a global brand.

Unparalleled Security

Safeguard both inbound and outbound message streams with responsive action and self-learning capabilities. We work with our customers to ensure successful adoption of the latest email authentication standards such as DMARC, DKIM and SPF, as well as email marketing best practices.


Manage thousands of distinct lines of business with multi-tenant capabilities through a single Momentum implementation. Send targeted email for marketing, or transactional emails through a messaging infrastructure that reduces latency while optimizing email deliverability.

Powerful Data Integration

Build email & mobile text marketing, push and IM messaging capabilities into any business process or application with powerful APIs that work with a streamlined messaging infrastructure.

Increase your revenue with Momentum, the all-in-one platform for managing email, mobile, integration and analytics. Momentum pays for itself in less than a year with more effective email marketing that improves email deliverability and a more efficient messaging infrastructure. Our customers have a proven ROI of up to 115%, and a potential cost savings in excess of $1 million in three years!

Get started with the best email marketing software, SMS marketing software and push notification capability — all on a single integrated platform — in the industry today.