Groupon, Return Path & Message Systems Present:

The Benefits of Adopting DMARC Email Authentication

Learn How to Use DMARC To
Keep Your Email Flowing

The DMARC standard now protects almost two-thirds of the world's 3.3 billion consumer mailboxes worldwide, and was responsible for blocking 325 million unauthenticated messages in November and December 2012 alone. Were some of those messages from you?

Join Sam Masiello, Application Security at Groupon, Brandon Dingae, Director, Anti-Phishing at ReturnPath and Alec Peterson, CTO at Message Systems for a revealing discussion on all things DMARC and Security. You’ll learn best practices to help your organization optimize your communications and messaging strategies in the new DMARC email environment.

  • Why implementing DMARC can spare your sending reputation and your pocketbook
  • How DMARC is blocking more than 3 million phishing messages each month
  • What it takes to get on board with DMARC - ASAP

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is the email authentication standard that has been adopted by giants like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and Twitter.

If you’re a bank, retailer, publisher or any kind of brand, do you want your email to be the only message in your customer’s inbox not flagged as DMARC-secure? No! Join us and learn how to protect your email-based customer communications and revenue streams.

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Presented By:

Sam Masiello
Application Security, Groupon

Sam is the driving force behind security improvements ensuring compliance and facilitating advancement towards organizational goals. He has over 20 years of email system and IT Management experience including over 10 years of SaaS and network and security systems management. Some of his previous employers include McAfee, ReturnPath and on the Board of Directors at M3AAWG.

Alec Peterson
Chief Technology Officer, Message Systems

As Chief Technology Officer, Alec is charged with leading the overall direction of technology development for the company. He has been with Message Systems for six years, most recently as the Vice President of the Technical Services group, where he was responsible for the delivery of all client-facing technical services.

Brandon Dingae
Director, Anti-Phishing Solutions, ReturnPath

As Director of Anti-Phishing Solutions, Brandon is incredibly well-versed in technology security solutions and email deliverability. His grasp of the big picture, long-term vision, and integration of client needs with company business helps him stand out as a top producer. He has a solid track record at ReturnPath and also spent some time at Message Media on the Client Engineering side.