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About Our Company


About Us

Powering 20% of Global Legitimate Email

Message Systems develops software that powers many of the world's largest, most complex email, text and cross-channel messaging operations. Our company was founded in the late 1990s by brothers George and Theo Schlossnagle with a very clear vision: to create a superior alternative to open-source MTA systems that were at the time the only viable choice for high volume email implementations. The solution they developed, the Momentum messaging platform, eliminated the rigid scalability, extensibility and management problems common with MTA-based architectures, all while driving down operating overhead and eliminating racks of servers at rates as high as 14-to-1. As our solutions continue to be adopted by top cloud computing companies, ISPs, social networks and Fortune 500 enterprises, the success of the company's founding vision is proven through the growing number of messages successfully sent and delivered every day via Message Systems software. Research indicates that twenty percent of legitimate (non-spam) business-to-business and business-to-consumer email traffic today gets delivered through the Message Systems Momentum platform.

Focused on Today's Communication Challenges

Smartphones, cloud computing and social networking continue to change the ways individuals communicate, presenting companies with new challenges to connecting and engaging with their customers. With consumers gaining greater control over the B2C conversation, many of the techniques and practices that drove customer engagement online in years past – email marketing, lifecycle messaging, transactional alerts and loyalty programs — are becoming less effective, or less reliable. There's a strong market need for fresher, more effective approaches to customer communication, and that's exactly what Message Systems delivers. Our solutions enable you to integrate messaging with any number of data sources and applications so you can orchestrate real-time two-way customer interactions through any messaging stream: email, text, social and more. The result is more effective customer communication that boosts engagement, drives down costs, increases revenue and builds closer relationships.

Strong engineering guides everything we do,
and it always will.

George Schlossnagle Founder & CEO, Message Systems

The Road Ahead

Since shipping our first product in 2001 — known as Ecelerity, the forerunner to Momentum — Message Systems has grown steadily into the global company we are today. Currently, more than 150 Message Systems employees work in our offices around the world, and we're adding new people all the time. In addition to our headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, we maintain U.S. offices in San Francisco and Seattle, and international offices in Europe. From the start, Message Systems has relied on strong demand for our solutions and an expanding customer base to drive growth. In recent years strategic investments from NewSpring Ventures and LLR Partners have further strengthened our market position, helping to accelerate product development and international expansion. With our combination of best-in-class technology, unrivaled industry expertise and passionate, dedicated people, Message Systems is determined to continue innovating, and maintaining our solutions as the standard against which all other messaging products are measured.